Monday, November 14, 2011

Behold the power of Tesla

So I have played 3 games so far with the new Necrons, and I absolutely love the tesla rule.  If you have not been following the necrons, weapons with the tesla rule get 2 additional hits anytime they roll a 6 on the to-hit roll.  The weapon of choice being the Tesla Destructor 4 str 7 shots twinlinked.  This thing is awesome.  The platform of choice for fielding it is the Annihlation Barge.  At 90pts I think that it will be a staple of many necron armies.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Awakening of Fringeworld Hutnesut

The weight of ages hung silent around Anrakyr as he gazed with unblinking eyes at the hololith before him.  The Necrons of this world were slowly reclaiming their world from the human trespassers.  There was one foe that could destroy all their work.  Anrakyr gazed at the icons representing an armored column belonging to the barbaric humans known as Space Wolves.  They were currently on a vector to strike deep into the necron lines.  "Prepare my legions for transport"  commanded Anrakyr in his sepulchral voice.

So this was my first game with the new Necron dex and I must admit I was very impressed with the firepower they can put out.  I built my force at 1500 as my local store has been running most of the tournaments at this level.